If you are not using SMS in your business, you are missing a trick, and probably losing out because of it.

1. Appointment Reminders

People lead very busy lives. They are prone to forget things, including appointments! This can cost you time in idle consultant time. I am sure you have tried charging people for missed appointments, but does this really solve the problem, or irritate customers? Why not send a simple reminder by SMS as a quick memory jog, 30 mins before the appointment. Most good appointment systems allow the sending of reminder emails. This fits perfectly with the new OutboxSMS-Lite. Send the reminder email to OutboxSMS. OutboxSMS will convert the email and send it as an SMS. Contact us to find out more.

2. Payment Notifications

A text message telling employees or contractors that they have been paid can save a huge amount of time. Not obvious how? well: contractor John has done a full weeks work, it is Friday and he wonders if he has been paid. So, he makes a call to accounts, of course John knows Jane in accounts, so they have a 5 minute discussion about ‘how are things?’ etc. Repeat that for every contractor on your books, it adds up to a huge amount of accounts time. Send a text to John, and he has no need to call, and accounts get to do the other work that has been piling up. Time and money saved? You do the math!

3. Delivery Notifications

One of the greatest frustrations for customers receiving delivered goods or waiting for a tradesman is when and sometimes if they will ever arrive. Quite often people have to take time off work, use valuable holiday allowance to wait for something that never arrives. Send a simple text message to say the package or tradesman is due today, send another when they are on their way. A simple thing like this can make a huge difference to a customer’s impression of your company.

4. Two Factor Authentication

These days if your company network allows employees access across the Internet chances are it is under constant attack. One way to help prevent unauthorised access is to use 2-factor authentication. The way this works is that a user logs in using a username and a password. An SMS is then sent to their mobile containing a one-time code. They enter this code into the 2nd login page, and are then allowed access to the network. 2-factor authentication increases the security of the access because it requires a factor that is delivered by a non-internet channel. There are systems that provide 2-factor authorised access, and deliver the 2nd factor by email. Just drop OutboxSMS in and it will convert the 2nd factor email to SMS.

5. Emergency Alerts

How do you notify maintenance staff when a fault occurs out-of-hours? You could buy them all smartphones or blackberries and send them emails, but that is really expensive. Why not use an OutboxSMS-Lite system to send them a text message? No special phone is needed, SMS works with all mobile phones. Most monitoring systems can send alerts by email, so configure them to send email alerts to OutboxSMS-lite, which will then convert and send them by SMS.