With mobile phone penetration shooting above 100%, marketing through SMS text messaging is one of the most efficient ways of reaching your customer. It is also cheaper and much easier then most people think.
Who does not open a text message immediately? This makes the commercial use of SMS a unique tool for advice on open slots, confirming and reminding of bookings, notification of service ready (table, washing et) and promotional offers. The Hilton Group for instance uses SMS for its members, resulting in 10 to 25% uptake on offers. Dunkin Donuts reports a 9% increase in sales by sending special offers to people that were invited to send their telephone number to a special response number of the company. [examples from the Mobile Marketing Association].

Calculate your cost savings assuming you contact 50 persons per day, cost (inclusive of materials and time) are around £1780 per month for contacting by phone, £640 for postal mail and under £100 for SMS messaging.

The technology solution for commercial SMS so far has been those offered by third party service providers. Any Google search will give you a list of these. A more recent offer, OutboxSMS by Felltech, is an in-house hard ware solution comparable in size and plug & play features with a DVD player. This solution promises in-house security and a price per message cheaper then your private SMS texting.

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