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Use SMS to improve your contact with company workers and customers. The OutboxSMS-Lite system makes this easy by utilising the existing company email system. Contacts can be sent SMS by email from your contacts list, when they reply the message appears in your email inbox. OutboxSMS-Lite is ideal for alerting maintenance staff of system faults.


Product Description

OutboxSMS-Lite allows you to send and receive SMS text messages by email. So, time sensitive messages can be sent direct from the desktop using standard email programs such as OutlookTM. Ideal for sending time sensitive information to clients and mobile company workers. SMS messages from clients and workers can be received by OutboxSMS. The received messages are converted into email messages and sent to the recipient’s inbox.

  • Send 720 SMS messages per hour
  • Email Server Interface
  • Programmers API
  • Delivery Receipts


  • Email to SMS / SMS to Email
  • 1 Channel System.
  • Generates Call Detail Reports (CDR).
  • SMS To/From Text Email Conversion.
  • Web Services SOAP API.
  • Configurable Message Routing Tables.
  • Text Email To SMS Conversion.
  • White And Black List of Email Addresses and Mobile Numbers.
  • Supports Standard SMTP, IMAP And POP3 Email Protocols
  • Interoperates With Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Supports ISP Based Email Servers.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 channel system · 109mm (w) x 102mm(d) x 45mm(h) [excluding antenna]
  • Weight 200g
  • Operating temperature: 0degC to +70degC
  • Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • RF Connection SMA 50ohm impedance
  • Output RF Power:
    • GSM-850/900 Class 4 nominal 2W peak (+33dBm) into 50 ohm
    • DCS-1800/PCS-1900 Class 1 nominal 1W peak (+30dBm) into 50 ohm
  • Receiver sensitivity:
    • GSM-850/900 -107dBm typical
    • DCS-1800/PCS-1900 -106dBm typical
  • Network 100BaseT RJ45
  • Appliance mounted R/A antenna
  • Optional wall mounted pole antenna
  • Mail Protocols: IMAP, SMTP and POP3
  • Power 110V-250V 3W external PSU
  • Max number of users: Unlimited
  • Message throughput: 12 messages per minute typical. (varies with operator)
  • Text based CDR, activity and error logging
  • Built-in log rotation
  • GUI and browser management screen (requires Windows PC)
  • Black or white list email addresses
  • Route by ‘To’ address or ‘Subject’ line
  • Reply to SMS routing
  • SMS route by token to email address
  • GSM Channel route to email address
  • Smart email ISO8859-1, UTF-8 character translation to GSM

Further Information

OutboxSMS Lite Brochure

OutboxSMS Lite Manual

OutboxSMS HTTP API Manual

OutboxSMS API Manual


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