Project Description

Save time on the telephone with routine communications, allows better focus on more important issues, improving the service to your sales staff and customers.

  • Sales force are kept bang up-to-date with new product / service changes.
  • Better informed and motivated sales force.
  • Sales force can communicate back to head office, place orders, request status by SMS.
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Customer Communication

Salesforce Example: Brazil – Cosmetic Sales Organisation

A large door to door sales organisation used to have problems communicating with their salesforce. They used to stay in contact by post and telephone, this was very costly and time consuming. They purchased an OutboxSMS system November 2009 and it had an immediate impact. “The installation was straightforward and the tool has been working fine – it simply does what it says it does. Our direct cost savings are easily £5000 per month, and we now have a better informed and motivated sales force.

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