Project Description

Text message passengers

A simple text to the person’s mobile with all the booking and directions is the simplest most effective way of conveying the information to the customer. Most customers are travelling when they make a reservation. It is difficult for them to accurately capture information, like booking references and directions while they are on the move.

  • Improved customer satisfaction through least hassle communication
  • Increased sales through repeat business and recommendations
  • Emergency Notices – Sometimes it is necessary to move a large group of passengers quickly, this is probably done using PA announcements and use of staff. In these sorts of situations not everyone hears announcements.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
Sending a text message to all passengers with a single message containing simple instructions alongside existing communications channels can help facilitate the emergency plan. If the crowd are informed, it is easier to get them to comply with instructions.

  • Improved passenger management
  • Better informed passengers, improved passenger satisfaction
  • Improved passenger safety


Text message transport network staff

At passenger terminals most staff communications is achieved using pagers or 2-way radios. However, the problem is that the pager only works when it is within range of the base station. So, staff cannot be reached as easily when they are away from the terminal.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
The OutboxSMS system integrates with existing pager systems, so a message can be sent via SMS and via the pager at the same time. This seamlessly ensures that the recipient receives the message whether or not they are on plant premises. Also, the recipient can reply via SMS, so for instance they could confirm that they could respond to an action.

  • Seamless Pager and SMS communications
  • 2-way communications
  • Improved staff communications
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