Project Description

Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, holiday resorts and many other businesses can save money and improve customer satisfaction by using OutboxSMS.

Reservation Reminders

Most customers are travelling when they make a reservation. It is difficult for them to accurately capture information, like booking references, directions etc. while they are on the move. A simple text to the person’s mobile with all the booking and directions is the simplest most effective way of conveying the information to the customer.

  • Improved customer satisfaction through least hassle communication
  • Increased sales through repeat business and recommendations
  • Sales – Every restaurant has quiet days, but on these days you still need to pay staff, heating lighting etc. this all costs money.

Managing queues

Popular attractions get very busy during peak season, causing long queues and a great deal of visitor frustration. Sending a text message to visitor’s mobile informing them that their turn is imminent can greatly reduce queue lengths. Some theme parks operate systems that use pagers, OutboxSMS links into pager systems so that the messages can be sent to the visitors mobile, as well as the pager.

Special offers

When it is quiet, text a special offer to previous customers in the local area. This turns a quiet no revenue day into a reduced revenue day. Customers can also reply by text to accept an offer, or place a reservation.

  • Increased revenues
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