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SMS for Fraud Prevention

Credit card providers must act quickly when a potential fraudulent transaction is detected in order to prevent the fraudster striking again. Thousands of pounds per card can be lost – or millions of pounds per year can be lost to the card issuer if this is not caught promptly enough.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
An SMS message directly to the customers mobile asking them to confirm the transaction is the most expedient means of confirming the transaction.

  • Reduce fraudulent transactions
  • Huge savings

Send Payment Reminder messages via SMS

Keeping track of repayments is vital, missed or late payments can indicate a problem. You probably already use telephone, email and post to keep in-touch with customers. Telephone customer contact is costly in time and money because it can be difficult to get through to people. Email is not reliable now due to spam filters and when the messages do get through, they have to compete for attention with all the other emails. Post is slow, and unreliable.

Using OutboxSMS for communication

Send a reminder SMS to customers when payments are due.

On accounts that have missed payments or that have lost contact, send an SMS asking them to call back.

Reduced chance of customers defaulting.
Recover revenue from customers that have defaulted and are un-contactable.

Loan Company Example: USA – Personal Loan Company
A personal loan company discovered that their competition had started to send text reminder messages to their customers. They decided that they needed to do something to keep ahead of the competition. They researched the text market and decided to purchase an OutboxSMS system late in 2009. The system is now sending over 1000 messages per day (mainly reminders), and this is cheaper and more effective than the system their competition use.

Loan Company Example: UK – Building Society
The building society have had an OutboxSMS system for a number of years. They used the system for updating branch managers with product updates, announcements etc. But recently they have started using it to send ‘get back in contact’ messages to customers that have been un-reachable by the normal channels. This has been tremendously successful, and has resulted in them recovering money from customers that otherwise would have been written off.

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