Project Description

You probably use a combination of email, telephone and post to communicate mailshots, sales flyers, offers etc. to your customers. Telephone customer contact is costly in time and money because it can be difficult to get through to people. Email is not reliable now due to spam filters and when the messages do get through, they have to compete for attention with all the other emails. Post is slow, and unreliable, it also has to compete for attention with all the junk mail.

Use SMS for timely customer communications, like special offers. This boosts sales, and can help clear old stock.

After sales, use SMS to inform about order status, product updates etc. Better informed customers improves customer service, and customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and recommendations.

Customers can use SMS to reserve products or book time via SMS.
Increased sales, repeat and recommendation business.

Customer Example: UK – Chemical Sales Company

Chemical sales company at the end of every month would have a clear out offer for stock that was going out-of-date. They used advertisements and fax to publicise the offers, but they would still be left with out-of-date stock. They trialled an SMS system to text the discount offer to customers and now they completely sell out of stock within a few hours of the text going out.

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