Project Description

Appointment Reminders
Patients failing to attend appointments has a significant impact on the organisation’s ability to provide efficient and effective services. A major reason for failure to attend is patients forgetting they have an appointment.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
Send reminders to your patients when appointments are due. No matter where they are, or what they are doing the message will get through to their phone. It has been proven in studies that sending SMS appointment reminders is an effective and efficient means of improving attendance

  • Reduce failure to attend
  • Reduce wasted consultant time
  • Save money

Staff Paging
In hospitals most staff communications is achieved using pagers. However, the problem is that the pager only works when it is within range of the base station. So, doctors, consultants etc. cannot be reached as easily when they are away from hospital grounds.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
The OutboxSMS system integrates with existing pager systems, so a message can be sent via SMS and via the pager at the same time. This seamlessly ensures that the recipient receives the message whether or not they are on hospital premises. Also, the recipient can reply via SMS, so for instance they could confirm that they could respond to an action.

  • Seamless Pager and SMS communications
  • 2-way communications
  • Improved communications
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