Project Description

Better Communication with Delivery Staff

You may have a small number or large number of delivery staff on the road. Communicating with them is currently achieved by phone. Telephone contact is time consuming and costly because it is often difficult to contact people by phone, especially when they are driving.

Using OutboxSMS for communication
Save time on the telephone, send text messages to your drivers instead of calling them, this will save money and is safer.

Better informed and motivated delivery drivers
Delivery drivers can communicate back to head office by SMS
Improved efficiency, saves money
Customer Communication – You probably use mostly telephone to contact customers to inform them when a delivery is due. This is very time consuming and probably quite unreliable

Better Communication with Customers

Use SMS to inform customers when a delivery is due. This will help to ensure that the customer is there ready to accept the delivery when it arrives. Better informed customers improves customer service, and customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and recommendations.

Improved efficiency
Increased sales, repeat and recommendation business.

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