Project Description

With staff out and mobile it can be difficult to stay in contact with them. Telephone reception maybe intermittent, so contact by phone can be time consuming.

On industrial complexes and large construction sites most staff communications is achieved using pagers or 2-way radios. These devices will only works when within range of the base station and problems can occur.

Using OutboxSMS for communication

Sending an SMS for routine communications can save a huge amount of time. This could be emergency contact, or could be work orders for the day. Staff also may not be able to answer calls at certain times, for example whilst driving, so a message can be safer and more convenient.

The OutboxSMS system can integrate with existing pager systems, so a message can be sent via SMS and via the pager at the same time. This seamlessly ensures that the recipient receives the message whether or not they are on premises. Also, the recipient can reply via SMS, so for instance they could confirm that they could respond to an action.

  • Seamless Pager and SMS communications
  • 2-way communications
  • Improved staff communications
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