OutboxSMS Software API Options

OutboxSMS provides several different API options which allow external programs and scripts full control of the OutboxSMS configuration and the ability to send and receive messages in the most efficient way.

Available Interfaces

  • SOAP / Web Services

  • Plain Text Email

  • COM Object / DLL


  • Plain Text Files

SOAP / Webservices

OutboxSMS presents two SOAP interfaces, one for controlling OutboxSMS configuration, and the other for sending and receiving messages. Any programming or scripting language that supports SOAP can be used to control OutboxSMS and send messages. E.g. Perl, PHP, .NET, Python etc.

Plain Text Email

Messages can be sent and received by sending plain text emails. Most scripting languages and programming languages allow email to be sent and received. This can be used to interface to OutboxSMS.

COM Object DLL

If the application is developed on a Microsoft Windows operating system, a COM DLL can be used to interface to OutboxSMS. The COM API allows full control of the OutboxSMS configuration, status and messaging.

Plain Text Files

OutboxSMS message routing and queueing uses plain text message files placed in queue folders. The message files have a standard format, which makes it easy to construct and manipulate messages from external programs.


There are several support channels for OutboxSMS developers. Our support forum allows you to ask technical questions, which will normally be answered by our technical staff within 24 hours. You can email technical support directly, or pickup the phone to us.

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What Is The Business Case For OutboxSMS?

OutboxSMS will save you time and money because previously when you posted messages, SMS will save you postage costs, and when you called customers, SMS will save call costs and time on the telephone.

If you are already using an SMS service provider or aggregator, OutboxSMS will save you on message costs. OutboxSMS is unique because it allows you to send unlimited text messages for a fixed monthly fee, using unlimited business SIM cards, not the per message fee charged by SMS service providers.

Our customers are already using OutboxSMS in innovative ways to really benefit from SMS. We have collected their stories together and you read about them here.

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