Complete self-contained SMS messaging solution

OutboxSMS is the simplest, most direct, and cheapest way of providing SMS messaging for your company. We recognise that the success of any new IT system is dependent on getting user buy-in. With OutboxSMS users send and receive SMS messages by email from their PC, using familiar programs like Microsoft Outlook

  • 2 way SMS

  • Send/receive from MS Outlook and all email clients

  • Integrates with MS Exchange or ISP mail

  • Quad band GSM – works worldwide

  • Browser control screens

  • Web message interface

  • Software API

  • TAP pager interface

Integrates With All Email Servers

OutboxSMS integrates with your existing email system with the minimum of configuration, a typical install will take less than 30 minutes. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange and any email server that supports the POP3 or SMTP protocols, so will even work with ISP hosted mail servers.

Integrates With Other Software Systems

You probably have 3rd party software packages to manage specific aspects of your business, most software packages can be configured to generate email alerts when important events happen. OutboxSMS has flexible message parsing and routing for email messages, allowing messages generated by 3rd party software to be converted into SMS messages.

Pager Transmitter Interface

OutboxSMS can interface to an external pager transmitter. This allows messages to OutboxSMS to be converted into pager and SMS messages. So, if you need to contact someone on-site they get the message by pager, off-site they get the message by SMS. The message can be initiated via the OutboxSMS web screen, or by email.

Configuration And Maintenance Features

  • Browser based configuration screen
  • Text file based logs
  • Text file based message detail records
  • Open text file message routing
  • Browser status screen
  • Configurable log rotation
  • Events reporting to Windows Event Log
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Configurable country code
  • Auto/manual GSM band setting



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What Is The Business Case For OutboxSMS?

OutboxSMS will save you time and money because previously when you posted messages, SMS will save you postage costs, and when you called customers, SMS will save call costs and time on the telephone.

If you are already using an SMS service provider or aggregator, OutboxSMS will save you on message costs. OutboxSMS is unique because it allows you to send unlimited text messages for a fixed monthly fee, using unlimited business SIM cards, not the per message fee charged by SMS service providers.

Our customers are already using OutboxSMS in innovative ways to really benefit from SMS. We have collected their stories together and you read about them here.

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