Instant 2-way communications between you and your customers using SMS messaging.

  • Simply as an email from your PC, no need to use your phone.

  • Directly from your own computer – no dependency on SMS service providers.

  • Cheaply no third party service charges, start saving money in weeks.

Immediate & guaranteed contact

80% of people open an SMS straightaway.

Saves money & time

No postage and no time lost making calls.

Control & flexibility

No reliance on 3rd party service provider.

Plug & play installation

No need for specialised IT person, links directly to your email system.

2 way communication

SMS responses through email.

Countless Applications

Appointment reminders, security alerts, product promotions, competitions and more

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How Can OutboxSMS Benefit My Business?

SMS is immediate, over 80% of people open and read an SMS message the instant it is received. Your message is received, read and usually acted upon within a few minutes.

This makes it ideal for appointment reminders, confirmation messages, payment reminders, promotional campaigns, etc.

SMS will also save you time and money because previously when you posted messages, SMS will save you postage costs, and when you called customers, SMS will save call costs and time on the telephone.

OutboxSMS is unique because it allows you to send unlimited text messages for a fixed monthly fee, using unlimited business SIM cards, not the per message fee charged by SMS service providers.

Our customers are already using OutboxSMS in innovative ways to really benefit from SMS.

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