Brand Your SMS Messages

How would you like to have SMS from you come up on your custsomer's phones with your name on it? Usually this is done by paying the mobile operators for a special account that sends SMS messages with your company name in the origination field. In my previous article 'Pros and Cons of Branded SMS', [...]

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Pros and Cons of Branded SMS

I’m sure you have received text message where the name of the sender is in the place of origination number. This is a great way to put your company brand on every text message sent from your company. This facility can be provided by most online SMS service providers or aggregators. However, there are some [...]

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The Top 5 SMS Must-Dos For Your Business

If you are not using SMS in your business, you are missing a trick, and probably losing out because of it. 1. Appointment Reminders People lead very busy lives. They are prone to forget things, including appointments! This can cost you time in idle consultant time. I am sure you have tried charging people for [...]

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The 5 Golden Rules Of SMS Marketing

MS is an amazing channel to reach customers, it has message open rates of over 97% compared to the 1-3% for email. Practically everyone has at least one mobile phone (some have more), capable of receiving SMS, and they usually carry it with them. SMS is a gift for direct marketing, however with such a [...]

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