Send and Receive SMS

Links to your email sytem or in-house software.

Unlimited Messages 

Save on messaging costs using a fixed price SIM.

Everything you need

Self-contained system. No 3rd party service provider fees.

Plug and Play 

Install in under 30 minutes. No IT specialists required.

How could OutboxSMS work for you?

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Outbox SMS messaging for business

How does OutboxSMS work?

Simply send an email to OutboxSMS, with the telephone number of the mobile in the subject. OutboxSMS converts the email to an SMS and sends it to the mobile user over the mobile network.

A mobile user sends and SMS to OutboxSMS. OutboxSMS converts the SMS to an email message. OutboxSMS can then route the message to a email recipient decided by the internal routing tables.

The OutboxSMS appliance connects to the company LAN, and links into the company email server. An OutboxSMS email account is configured on the email server.

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How easy is OutboxSMS to set up?

OutboxSMS is designed to be extremely easy to install. Configuration options are kept to a minimum and the whole system can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.


1. Purchase a mobile SIM card on contract or pay as you go


2. Fit the SIM card into Outbox SMS


3. Connect Outbox SMS to your computer network


4. Set up an email account for Outbox SMS


5. Tell Outbox SMS which email accounts to use.

Installs in under 30 minutes!

Who uses outboxSMS?

NHS Shell Siemens WHO Chelsea Building Society Societe Generale Canada Finland Bank

Save Time and Money

Because OutboxSMS links directly to the mobile network, bypassing SMS service providers, it allows you to take advantage of fixed price, unlimited message deals from operators.

OutboxSMS links into your company email system, allowing anyone in the company to send and receive SMS messages. Now instead of posting information or calling customers, they can send them a text message, saving time and money. Our Programming API can also link into your own in-house software

OutboxSMS is an SMS gateway appliance. It is as easy to setup as a DVD player, so there is no need for specialised IT knowledge.

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